There is a lot of information out there...

... how do I get structured, up-to-date and general information about my team?

And only the information that the respective group needs? Via push notifications, app, newsletter or WhatsApp. We pull all your groups back to the most sacred part of the company.
The knowledge that is within the company.

Pull vs Push

Embrace Pull Communication with headful’s Unified Information Strategy.

headful champions the power of pull communication, aligning perfectly with our philosophy of streamlined, user-centric information management. Unlike push communication that scatters data across multiple channels, creating version chaos and information overload, headful focuses on centralizing content at a single point of information. This approach not only ensures that all stakeholders access the most accurate and updated information on demand but also supports a cleaner, more organized workflow.

By encouraging users to actively seek out information when they need it, headful’s pull communication strategy reduces unnecessary interruptions and enhances focus. This leads to improved productivity and a better understanding of data relevance, as users interact with content that is essential to their immediate needs. headful’s intuitive design facilitates this by making it easy for anyone in your organization to locate and utilize information without the hassle of navigating through dispersed and outdated data.

Adopt headful to revolutionize how your organization communicates. Let us help you eliminate clutter and confusion, paving the way for a more informed, efficient, and responsive workplace.

Plan and control your communication with headful’s NewsCenter

At headful, we understand that strategic communication planning is key to success. Our NewsCenter is designed to empower you to meticulously plan your entire communication calendar months in advance. Schedule content releases, coordinate updates, and even depublish information with ease, maintaining complete control over what goes live and when.

With headful’s NewsCenter, you gain a comprehensive overview of all scheduled and past communications. This visibility ensures that your messaging remains consistent and impactful, while also allowing you to adapt swiftly to changes in your communication strategy. The ability to depublish content also means you can keep your information fresh and relevant, removing outdated material that no longer serves your audience.

Harness the power of organized, forward-looking communication with headful. Keep your team aligned and your audience engaged with a clear and effective information strategy that drives success.

Target your audience precisely with headful's NewsCenter

Maximize the relevance and impact of your communications with headful’s NewsCenter. Our advanced platform is designed to ensure that each message reaches only the appropriate audience by leveraging detailed group-targeting capabilities. This means that information is not just broadcasted broadly; instead, it is strategically delivered to specific groups who need it most.

With headful, you can fine-tune how and to whom your content is distributed, enhancing the efficiency of your communication efforts. This targeted approach prevents information overload and ensures that each group receives only the most pertinent and useful content. By delivering tailored messages that are directly relevant to each audience, you elevate engagement and foster a more informed and responsive organizational culture.

Embrace the strategic advantage of headful’s NewsCenter and revolutionize your communication strategy with precision targeting that drives better outcomes.

Distribute seamlessly across channels with headful

headful seamlessly integrates into your existing communication infrastructure, enabling you to distribute content across a multitude of channels. Whether it’s pushing notifications to apps and desktops, sending out newsletters, communicating via WhatsApp, or engaging through social media, headful has you covered. Our platform is designed to ensure that you can reach your audience wherever they are, using the tools and channels that best fit your strategic needs.

With headful, you gain the flexibility to tailor your communication efforts across various platforms without compromising on consistency or efficiency. This multi-channel capability not only extends your reach but also enhances engagement by meeting your audience on their preferred platforms. Streamline your communication processes with headful’s robust distribution features and keep your audience connected and informed, no matter the channel.

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