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Easy access, group-specific content & multi-channel distribution

Streamline your sales, support, marketing and service communication with headful’s rapid information delivery and easy content management. Boost productivity, save time, and harness AI for content creation, trusted by diverse industries for proven results.

Your organization'sinformation headquarters

In today’s confusing and often untrustworthy digital information landscape, it’s crucial for companies to establish their own reliable information base. headful serves as the definitive guide for your internal employees, teams, as well as external partners and customers. This is your organization’s information headquarters. Transform how your company handles information with headful.

  • central place for news
  • sent via app & web push as well as email
  • display of unread messages
  • filtered by topic or time period
  • no backend knowledge needed
  • training-free
  • instant publishing
  • always CI/CD compliant
  • automatic user identification
  • easy duplication of the existing content for new versions
  • same URL for different groups
  • search suggestions
  • preview function
  • trending searches
  • content tagging
  • search boost

Media Archive

  • support all common file types
  • folder structures
  • search and filter by formats
  • tagging of the content
  • no memory limitation

Single Sign-on

  • secure authentication
  • log in with one set of credentials
  • compatible with Microsoft Azure and Google
  • workplace
  • fast and easy solution

Inspired by the simplicity driving the last two decades’ most successful business models, headful distills only the essential data you need. With headful, less is more-empower your success with precision.
Experience the clarity and efficiency of headful. Make informed decisions with confidence.

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headful offers benefits like improved sales impact, time-saving features, and enhanced team productivity by centralizing information. Future integrations include AI to generate content quickly. headful is trusted by various industries, showing significant improvements in budget efficiency, employee productivity, and daily usage.

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Organizations around the globe leverage headful’s comprehensive platform to develop, personalize, and expand their online communities.

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Organizations around the globe leverage headful’s comprehensive platform to develop, personalize, and expand their online communities:

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